Apply for premium U.S. credit cards using the credit history you established in India.

Nove collaborated with CIBIL to locate and translate your Indian file into a U.S.-equivalent score that Nova Credit's partners in the United States can use to evaluate your credit card application.

About Nova Credit

The lone fintech, Nova Credit, transforms an existing worldwide credit report made by numerous international institutions into a local score. Every application is processed promptly, securely, and without errors by our dependable processing partner, which runs with the assistance of knowledgeable personnel. So if you're thinking of moving abroad, Nova Credit is what you need!

How it works

Step 1

Determine your eligibility

Answer a few questions to determine which cards you are eligible for

Step 2

See personalized recommendations

View card recommendations based on your credit history in the U.S. and abroad

Step 3

Start building your U.S. credit history

Get a head start on your journey to financial integration in the United States

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Congratulations on your upcoming move to the US!

To help you get your life started in the US, ForeignAdmits has partnered with Nova Credit to enable you to apply for American Express credit cards, Verizon mobile plans, and low-cost student loans using your Indian credit history!

Once you share your basic information, Nova Credit will reach out with useful resources and guides to help with your move. 

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